The next local elections for St Albans District Council are on 2 May 2024. 

There are already over 700 Green councillors in England: motivated, passionate people who are achieving great things for their towns and cities. Vote Green in local elections to get more hard-working Greens elected.

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Our Previous Results

We target our campaigns on specific areas, to make it more likely that we'll get councillors elected rather than achieving no more than a general increase in our vote share. In our current target areas - St Peter's ward and Clarence ward in St Albans, we win. We have 3 councillors in those wards: Simon, Matt and Juliet.

But even if you don't live in our target wards, voting for a Green candidate gives you a chance to send a message that you like our policies, campaigns and ideas. Every Green vote increases our media coverage and campaigning power.

Here are some highlights of our results in St Albans District:

  • In 2011 we won our first council seat in the district, when Simon Grover became a councillor for St Peters ward. Tom Hardy also became a parish councillor in Redbourn.
  • In 2012 Simon retained his seat with a greatly increased majority, to serve until 2016.
  • In 2015 In the General Election we tripled our vote compared to the previous election.
  • In 2019 we again increased our General Election vote.
  • In May 2023 Matt Fisher was elected to Clarence ward with a 51% majorityOn the same day, Simon Grover was re-elected for the fourth time in a row. Greens did exceptionally well across Hertfordshire and the region. Greens are now the largest party in East Hertfordshire.
  • In June 2023 Juliet Voisey was elected as our second St Peter's ward councillor.
  • Across the UK the Green Party has over 700 Principal Authority Councillors in England, plus Assembly Members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and London, one MP and two Members of the House of Lords.


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