For members

If you join the Green Party and you live in the St Albans District (covered by St Albans District Council) then you are automatically a member of our local party.

How to get involved

We'd love you to get involved in our activities. There's something to suit everyone. Start by having a look here.


Party office-holders

Here's a Who's Who of local party office-holders.

We elect these office-holders at our Annual General Meeting. All members are welcome to stand for any position.

Members site

For local and national party resources and information, go to the Green Party Members Site.

Members newsletter

As a local member, you'll get a monthly email from us, with information about local news, what we've been up to, and upcoming events.

Email news

You'll also get occasional emails from our 'news' email list. These might be requests for help, event reminders or campaign news. Only certain office-holders can send emails to this list.

Email discussion

You can join our 'discussion' email list if you want to. That's where we discuss issues outside of meetings. Every member can send emails to this list. To join, send us an email.

Social media

Join in the conversation on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

You can also follow our Green Councillor Simon Grover on Twitter.

If you can help by posting items on Facebook or Twitter, please contact our Communications Coordinator.

Our constitution

Our constitution sets out our local party's rules and procedures. You can read or download it.

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