8 August 2017

St Albans Greens are very concerned about the NHS service cuts proposed by the Herts Valleys CCG. These proposals undermine the very basis of the NHS as they will create inequality. Services now available as of right and considered essential will only be available to those who can afford to buy them privately.

Withdrawal of prescriptions for over-the-counter medication will especially hit people on low incomes.  Treatment should be based on clinical decisions, not cost-saving.

Our CCGs are under extreme pressure to cut services because the Government is refusing to fund it properly, blaming the staff for inefficiency and patients for overusing the service. We can afford and must fund decent health  services through fair, progressive taxation. 

People should have equal access to  the healthcare they need, free at the point of use.  That is the founding principle of the NHS which we believe should underpin any changes which are required to give it a sustainable future.

Our six alternative suggestions are:

1. Reduce energy cost

2. Reduce professionals’ travelling times

3. Improve funding of social care

4. Improve support for people with mental health needs

5. Encourage healthier modes of travel

6. Reform prescriptions

We urge readers to contribute to the Consultation at http://www.healthierfuture.org.uk/nhsletstalk and read St Albans District Green Party's submission.