Write to your local councillor to support motion on fossil fuel investments

29 November 2018

Climate change means the world is having to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels – like coal, oil and gas. As a result, investors in the UK and around the world are selling their shares in fossil fuel companies. Because those companies have no long-term future.

But Herts County Council has got £140 million of your money invested in fossil fuels, including fracking. And, unlike most other councils, it has no policy to measure, manage or reduce the risk of these investments dropping in value.

On 5 December, Councillor Simon Grover will propose a motion to St Albans District Council, calling for Herts County Council to deal with this risk, and move the money to clean, green businesses instead.

Will your local councillors vote for this motion?

Write a short email to your district councillors, asking them to vote for Councillor Grover’s motion to reduce the fossil fuel investments of Herts County Council’s pension fund. It’s easy.

1. Go to www.writetothem.com

2. Enter your postcode.

3. Click ‘write to all your district councillors’.

4. Fill in the email with a couple of sentences. Here are some ideas:

- Say you want the councillors to vote for the motion on 5 December, to reduce the fossil fuel investments of Herts County Council’s pension fund.

- Say how you feel about Herts County Council being one of the worst local councils because of how little it is doing about the risk of climate change to the fund.

- Say you don’t want your council tax being invested in coal, oil and fracking, when these industries have no long-term future.

- Say you want this money used to support local green businesses instead.

- Ask them to respond to you.

5. Fill in your details and click the green button.

Thank you!

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