25 January 2019


St Albans Greens joined a local tree champion to attach giant price tags to trees in the city centre as part of efforts to get more recognition for the value of trees in the city.


The price tags, tied to trees in St Peter’s Street, showed the important role of trees in reducing noise and pollution, protection from wind and sun as well as soaking up carbon which contributes to global warming.


Green Party  member Jill Mills said, “If people knew the real value of trees  they’d think twice about chopping them down. Older trees are especially precious and it can take a hundred years to replace their value fully. We need to plant more wherever we can.”


Green Party Councillor Simon Grover said this was part of ongoing efforts to promote protection and planting of trees in St Albans district. He said, “Trees can save money for Councils by reducing the burden of air pollution and carbon emissions. They also help householders reduce energy bills, cooling in summer and reducing wind chill in winter.”


Party members were joined by Kate Bretherton, local author and champion of trees.

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