Greens see surge of members and influence

30 May 2019

St Albans District Green Party reports a ‘green wave’ of new members since the local and European election results saw their vote share hugely increase. This has been followed up with the party pressing for urgent action by the new Council.

Green Councillor Grover has vowed to hold the Lib Dems to account for their stated commitment to combatting climate breakdown.  We need to see concrete action as well as words, otherwise it will simply be greenwash.
Cllr Grover said, “The local Green Party is delighted to welcome lots of new members who are joining by the day. We’re attracting people because we are clear about where we stand on critical national issues like remaining in the EU, ending austerity and fighting climate breakdown. We are equally clear about where we stand and what we are campaigning for locally, on issues like clean air, cutting traffic, good public transport and affordable homes. We’ll be holding the new local Council administration to account over the next year and fighting for Green policies and actions.”
Measures the Greens are calling for include immediate implementation of measures to cut vehicle emissions especially around schools, and to clean up our air across the district. They are also calling for a scheme to insulate homes, investment in renewable heat and solar power, a large-scale tree-planting programme and a re-wilding project to increase biodiversity.
Greens are also demanding 20mph for all residential roads by default, as seen in many towns and cities across the UK.  They want that matched by a safe cycling and walking action plan, and a rapid roll-out of charging points for electric and hybrid cars and taxis. St Albans Council should also be pressing Herts County Council to make comprehensive improvements to public transport, say Greens.
Cllr Grover commented, “Local people in St Albans generally do a lot to be environmentally friendly. But the Council has a crucial role.  Time is running out. We need radical, serious programmes that make a substantial difference to help secure a liveable world for this and future generations.”
The Green vote across St Albans in the local elections rose by 50% compared to last year. In the European elections the party polled 12% in the district, taking third place ahead of the Conservatives and Labour.

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