Greens secure more influence on St Albans Council

24 May 2020

St Albans Greens are delighted that local Labour and Lib Dem parties have agreed to work more closely with us at St Albans Council on the big issues like Covid and Climate. And we are working together to bring in a more democratic and transparent ‘committee system’ by the end of the year. It’s grown up politics, appropriate for these times. 

The Leaders of the Green &Independent, Liberal Democrat and Labour groups have indicated that they plan to work more closely together over the next year on St Albans District Council to deliver on key issues including
· Covid-19 recovery including supporting local businesses;
· the climate emergency;
· housing provision; and
· making the council more democratic and accountable to the public.

The groups will also work together to bring forward a change in Council governance before the end of the year. This change would replace the current “Cabinet” one-party-rule system with a cross-party committee system which enables much more thorough scrutiny of major proposals before decisions are taken.

Mal Pakenham leader of the Labour Group on St Albans Council said “Post Covid crisis the Council will need to operate in a different manner not least because the political, economic and social landscape will have changed. Residents and the business community will expect to see cross party working on these four key areas in order to help our communities to regenerate themselves.”

Simon Grover, Green councillor and leader of the Green & Independent group, said: “The new committee system will mean decision-making is more democratic, more transparent and better quality as it brings together skills and knowledge from across the parties. That will be especially valuable as we steer a course through the Covid and climate crises.”

Chris White, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, said: “While the focus of the council must be recovery from Covid-19 it is also important that other key areas are not overlooked, not least the Climate Emergency given that environmental solutions are likely to be key to some aspects of recovery. I look forward to working with any group which is genuinely committed to serving the district in these areas.”

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