Local Greenprint for Recovery published

13 June 2020


The Green party has published a 'Greenprint for Recovey' - a list of objectives and some steps towards them, proposals for public transport, cycling, green spaces, traffic and waste management, air quality,  digital working and leisure activities.  


St Peters Ward Councillor and leader of the Green and Independent Group on the District Council Simon Grover said, “During this terrible time, there have been some positives, and there’s been a lot to make us pause and think about what is important. We have enjoyed safer cycling and walking, quiet skies and clean air. Wildlife and green spaces have made us feel better. We’ve missed our friends but relied on our neighbours. We’ve missed our  local businesses and entertainments and we’re worried that some may struggle to survive We’ve seen daily data that show  inequality is still rife in our country and  between communities within our own district. It is time to change, and to make sure that we build back better.”




Section 1 - What have we learnt from the Covid pandemic?


We can walk further than we thought

We enjoy cycling when we feel safe

We can ask our neighbours for help

We like quiet streets, empty skies and clean air

Wildlife and green spaces make us feel better

Small local businesses are important to us 

We miss going to the theatre, cinema, pub and restaurant

We miss our distant families and work colleagues

We don’t miss  commuting to work every day


Section 2 - A  Greenprint for Recovery will help us build back better


Change the town centre - More small businesses and fewer chain stores, better leisure environment

Change the way we move around - Make cycling and walking easier

Improve safety and  health - Reduce speed and quantity of traffic in the city

Reduce waste - Increase upcycling and reuse of household goods

Improve air quality - tackle climate change, act on vehicle and CO2  emissions

Support small and micro business - develop opportunities for new entrepreneurs

Support communities - build on local initiatives and organisations

Support home working - develop local digital hubs


Section 3 - How we might achieve our goals


More electric car charging points

Increased bike security and info at the station

Increased info on bus services - to households and on street 

Extend senior bus pass privilege to young people 

Develop better responsiveness and management of green spaces, including unmown areas 

20mph zone across the city

Remove traffic lights at top of Chequer street and create mini roundabout at Peahen 

Upgrade Ronson Way recycling centre into a re-use and upcycle centre

Get to grips with buses and taxis idling in St Peter’s St 

Open a craft and micro business market monthly on Sundays

Create pop up and micro business premises in town centre - perhaps market hall style with booths

Create digital hubs for part time commuters and home workers with limited home space

More benches or fixed chairs on main arteries into town centre - Victoria St, St Stephen’s Hill, London Rd, Sanridge Rd, Sandpit Lane, etc  

New byelaw to preserve a proportion of front gardens as green/planting space

Encourage lower car ownership with special council tax rates

Encourage front gardens with a competition

Support and increase residents associations with resource packs and  guidance, enable them to become a hub for helping (especially older) residents


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