Statement on Black Lives Matter

11 June 2020

Since the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has become a global issue. For many people living in St Albans this is not a new issue; this is something that friends, neighbours, colleagues and loved ones have lived with every day of their lives. Others are still learning about these issues and now recognise a need for change. St Albans District Green Party stands by Black Lives Matter and accepts the need for radical change in the face of a systemically racist society.

We stand by those protesters in Bristol, who showed that a community can act together in the face of continued local government inaction. We stand by those protesters in London, who understand that we need to confront the British history of colonialism and racism, and that it isn’t enough to say “it was a different time” and “they didn’t know better”. We stand by the people in our community who are taking a knee in parks and in villages across the district, making it clear that we are a place of compassionate and empathetic people. 

Now is the time to listen, learn and act. We need to listen to our black neighbours and friends and really hear what they are saying. We need to learn about our history, even that which doesn't paint Britain in a completely positive light, and teach that to our children and families. And we need to act together to build a more equitable society, guided by black voices, based on the lessons of that history.

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