Cllr Grover gets 20mph motion approved at Council

28 February 2021

St Albans district is a step closer to 20mph as a default speed limit, as St Albans Council has approved a Green party motion.

Green councillor Simon Grover presented a motion to Full Council that called for: 

  • the Leader of St Albans City & District Council to request that Herts County Council (HCC) prioritise the establishment of wide area 20mph speed limits in the St Albans District; and
  • the Council to work with officers of HCC to draw up detailed plans on the scope, funding and implementation timetable of these schemes.

The motion was passed unopposed.

Simon Grover commented, "This is a great moment for the district, for lower speeds, safer streets, cleaner air and just making our city and district a nicer place to live and work. I'll be keeping up the pressure now on the district and county councils to follow through on plans to change the default speed limit from 30 to 20mph."

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