Green plan to avoid cost of living crisis

29 March 2022

As higher energy prices start to bite, we need to tackle the cost of living crisis with a retrofit revolution. We need to avoid low-income households having to choose between heating and eating.

Lewes District Council, led by Greens is implementing an effective way to approach this, and in St Albans District we could do the same. Lewes is working with neighbouring councils to insulate social housing. The programme will cut fuel bills, create hundreds of new jobs and slash carbon emissions. 

By focusing initially on social housing, a local, stable supply chain and workforce can be created and lead to economies of scale that will help bring down the price of retrofitting for all households, including those in the private sector.  

Greens are showing leadership, demonstrating how we can do things differently, by implementing a ground-up approach, where local councils in an area work collaboratively together to insulate social housing. For too long successive governments have ignored the urgency of addressing our leaky homes and any attempts they have made, for example through the Green Homes Grant, have failed. 

By pooling resources, neighbouring councils can create the necessary funding and ensure there is a locally trained workforce that can both deliver a retrofit programme and boost the local economy. Developing a guaranteed pipeline of work and economies of scale means private rented accommodation and homeowners can benefit from cheaper retrofitting too. 

Greens are bringing about change for the better - cutting fuel bills, creating hundreds of new jobs and slashing carbon emissions.

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