Greens retain seat in an night of upsets at the local elections

7 May 2022

In an extraordinary election count, Labour was wiped out and the Conservatives lost 19 of their 23 seats to the Lib Dems. Simon held on to his Green seat in St Peter's ward, and Matt came within a whisper of a win in Clarence ward.

The count started dramatically with the early exit of the Tory group leader, Cllr Maynard. Literally an exit as she walked out of the building as soon as the result in her ward was clear.

Then our large and jolly group of Green candidates watched as Tory after Tory was defeated by the Lib Dems, mostly by a very substantial margin.

Our councillor Simon Grover was re-elected to St Peter's for the fourth time, with 1,478 votes.

Kyle Riley increased his vote in Harpenden West to 592, but was unable to surpass a big effort there by the Tories and Lib Dems.

Nadia Bishara, a first-time candidate, got an excellent 768 votes in Bernards Heath ward, coming second to the Lib Dems.

Finally, after a recount, Matt Fisher got 1,422 votes in Clarence ward, an agonising 21 votes short of victory.

Labour were wiped out, loosing both their seats. The Independent Redbourn councillor (who is in the Independent and Green group with Simon) retained his seat. For most of the day it looked like the Tories would only have one councillor left, but at the last minute they retained their 3 in Harpenden South.

Our other non-target candidates got hundreds of votes from across the district, performing a great service by allowing all residents to vote Green and show their support.

Get the full results on the Council website.

In the rest of the country, Greens had a very good election, increasing their total councillors by 81 to 542.

A huge thank you to all our candidates and everyone who helped with our biggest ever election effort in St Albans District.

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