Greens launch petition to save River Ver

21 September 2022

St Albans District Green Party has launched a petition calling on Affinity Water to stop extracting water from the River Ver. You can sign it at

The River Ver is a globally rare chalk stream, powered by pure, mineral-rich water that sustains valuable plants and wildlife, and feeds Verulamium Lake.

Affinity Water takes 28 million litres from the Ver every day. As a result, the river is much lower than it should be - about half as low in fact. The river also often runs completely dry in long sections. 

Councillor Simon Grover commented, "Affinity don't need to take this water. They lose 160m litres a day in leaks. And they missed their target for fixing them last year. Yet they made £35m profit. They also refuse to bring in water saving measures like a hosepipe ban."

Campaigners are calling on Affinity’s new CEO, Keith Haslett, to make a few efficiency measures and spend a bit more on fixing leaks. The idea is that Affinity could then completely stop taking water from the Ver, and the river would be restored.

St Albans Council has plans to improve the lake and river in the park and beyond. But without enough water, campaigners say, the plan will fail.

People can sign the petition at