Greens double Council seats at local elections

8 May 2023

St Albans District Council now has TWO Green councillors: at the local elections on 4 May 2023, Simon Grover was been re-elected to St Peter's ward with 46% of the vote, and Matt Fisher was elected to Clarence ward with a stunning 51%.

It was also a great election for Greens all round the country, including our neighbours in East Herts becoming the largest party on the Council, leaping from 2 to 19 seats.

The Council remains a Lib Dem stronghold, and it's down to us Greens to be an effective opposition, holding them to account like we did over the planned closure of Abbey View athletics track.

We were delighted with the election result, both with Simon's 5th re-election and the election of Matt Fisher as St Albans’ second Green councillor. Matt’s overwhelming victory in Clarence ward was truly stunning in what had traditionally been the Lib Dems safest seat in the district. It reflects Matt’s incredible hard work in the ward, and the recognition that it’s not healthy to have all your councillors from a single party. It also reflects a record-breaking result for Greens around the country, which saw the party increase its councillors by 200 to a total of 736.

See the full election results on the Council's website.