Council must see sense over tree-felling

20 May 2023

St Albans Council is chopping down 250 mature trees during nesting season, citing health and safety. Greens are backing residents in calling for the Chop to Stop and to save as many trees - and nests - as possible.

Greens double Council seats at local elections

08 May 2023

Simon Grover is re-elected and Matt Fisher becomes local party's second councillor

Greens help save sports centre from Lib Dem cuts

11 February 2023

Lib Dem council U-turns on Abbey View cuts

Greens back Abbey View sports against Lib Dem cuts

01 February 2023

Green councillor argues for popular pavilion to be saved

Greens launch petition to save River Ver

21 September 2022

Affinity don't need to take this water. They lose 160m litres a day in leaks. And they missed their target for fixing them last year.

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