6 June 2024

 When we talk to people in St Albans about the General Election, many of them say they are thinking of voting Lib Dem "to keep the Tories out".

But in St Albans, there is absolutely no need to do that.

Britain Elects projects a huge 53% majority for Lib Dem Daisy Cooper, with the Conservative vote crashing to 22%. So you do not need to vote tactically. There is plenty of room for you to vote Green.

There are many reasons to vote Green in St Albans, even if we don't win here.

First, we really need Green MPs to push back against a cautious Labour Government that's sticking with Tory budget cuts and watering down their environmental plans. The Greens are eyeing four seats and could very well make gains. The more support they get nationally, the stronger their voice in challenging Labour.

Secondly, media attention is driven by national vote percentages. If the Green vote is low, their viewpoints on key issues like the environment, the cost of living, and public services, won’t get the airtime they deserve.

Third, even if Green candidates don’t win, a strong showing can sway MPs of all stripes to pay more attention to Green priorities, since MPs do keep tabs on how the other parties are doing and often adjust their stance based on voter sentiment. Look at what happened with Ukip.

Fourth, there's also money on the line. Opposition parties get funds based on their vote share, which they use to support their parliamentary work. For the Greens, who don’t have big corporate or union backers and rely on small donations, every vote that bumps up their percentage can mean a big boost in resources.

The Green vote has been kept down for too long, and it’s shown in slow government responses to environmental crises. If you think it’s time for a stronger Green influence in politics, voting Green this election is the way to go.