Air pollution - new warnings for St Albans

29 January 2017

St Albans District Green Party is again warning of the public health dangers caused by high air pollution levels.

Campaigners discover new air pollution concerns

01 November 2016

A second round of air quality monitoring by St Albans Greens reveals many more pollution hotspots

Pollution expert tests St Albans hotspots

09 October 2016

A local air quality expert has joined campaigners to test the air pollution in 20 traffic hotspots around St Albans.

Our councillor's annual report

20 July 2016

Green Councillor Simon Grover reports back on the last 12 months

Green Councillor gives voice to public on Brexit

15 July 2016

Cllr Grover voices public demands for local MPs to resign over Brexit campaign

St Albans Green Councillor Re-elected

06 May 2016

Simon Grover wins vote despite huge efforts by other parties

Greens find dangerous pollution across city

26 April 2016

Pollution exceeding limits in over half locations tested

Your local candidates for 2016

25 March 2016

St Albans District candidates announced for local elections

Electric cars getting popular

20 March 2016

Electric car charging quadruples in third year of growth

1,765 reasons to vote Green on 5 May

26 February 2016

Green councillors are good for St Albans

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